Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
The Team

Get to know the team behind De3p

Hello, I'm Guido. For 25 years I have been working as a business psychologist to understand and create human experience. In 2016 I founded DE3P with a constantly growing team of which one can only be proud. Apart from the management tasks I take time to develop the 77 Human Needs System and enjoy planning the DE3P team events.

My favourite Human Need is: #76 Liveliness
Dr. Guido Beier
Founder & Managing Director
Hi! My name is Miriam. If you book one of our workshops, you will have a great chance to run into me as I assist Guido in organizing as well as leading them. I also take care of none of your messages to DE3P getting lost and do a lot of research where the Human NeedsSystem comes in pretty handy.

My favourite Human Need is: #19 Curiosity
Miriam Belke
Head of Operations
Hi, I´m Pardis. My work at DE3p is equally wide-ranging as my master studies. For one thing, I take care of our SEO management and website maintenance and for another, I am an experience researcher and pierce my interview partners with why questions when doing in depth-interviews.

My favorite Human Need is: #26 Efficiency
Pardis Mahdavi
Experience Researcher & SEO
Hey, I'm Laura! At De3p, I make sure that people like you find their way to us and get to know the 77 Human Needs System. I conncet us with new partners, populate the social media channels, make sure we communicate well with the outside world, and look for exciting new projects.

My favourite Human Need is: #29 Thinking
Laura Hanowski
Head of Marketing
Hey, I've created the website you're looking at right now. Currently I'm studying Communications Design and Media in my fourth Semester at FH Wismar.

My favourite Human Need is: #31 Creativity
Ole Freytag
I provide strategy, design and communication for commercial and cultural clients. With focus on holistic solutions, yet passionate about detail, I translate content into visual language.
As brand designer of DE3P I developed, among other things, a new CI and the layout of the 77 Human Needs Cards.

My favourite Human Need is: #31 Creativity
Steffen Leukel
Lead Brand & Graphic Designer
I am a research associate and a Ph.D. candidate in the interactive systems group (computer science department) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. I study the application of recommender systems in serious domains such as health with the goal of improving human health and quality of life.
Helma Torkamaan
Head of Data Analytics & Machine Learning
Hi, I’m Emily. By day, I support DE3P in the areas of market research and digital marketing. By night, I enjoy playing video games and expanding my knowledge by taking different courses and going to interesting events.

My favourite Human Need is: #21 Planning
Emily Bechler
Experience Researcher
I create digital art in various styles, such as cartoony style, game and books character design, prints,sketches, realistic style, portraits, graphics, logos, stationary, short animations, game art and assets, fashion design.
Sonja Brstilo
Digital Illustrator
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