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Every successful innovation serves a human need.

Therefore, we at DE3P focus on humans and see them as creators and users of innovation. From this human perspective, we find the opportunities in the usual and extract the meaningful from the possible.

Based on more than 25 years of experience in innovation, DE3P operates with a clear methodology. At the very heart of our innovation process is what we call the 77 Human Needs System.

We assume responsibility. Ten percent of the profit of DE3P is invested in social projects. Due to our efficient, digital collaboration based structure this commitment is cost-neutral for our customers.

77 Human Needs

It is very common to talk about needs. But what is the meaning behind this big and somehow fuzzy concept?

After years of research and practicing, we have a simple but strong belief:

Needs are the natural instance, which drives a person to fulfill it's human potential.

Needs are a product of evolution, they steer human motivation and behavior.
Therefore, understanding human needs is the key for change.
At DE3P we use the 77 Human Needs System to classify needs into five categories.

Physical Needs
We have to satisfy biological functions for our survival as a human. The 77 Human Needs system distinguishes 9 physiological needs, for example eating, drinking, sexuality and sleeping. The physiological needs become very dominant in case of a deficit – try to stop breathing.
Sensual Needs
Each of our senses want to be satisfied. We are attracted to beautiful sensations and we flee if stimuli are disgusting. A lot of business areas are focusing on our sensorial needs, e.g. restaurants on tasting and roller coasters on our balancing sense. Though most systematics count five or six senses, the 77 Human Needs System includes 9.
Actional Needs
As humans we are changing our environment to survive and develop. Meaningful or intuitive behavior gives us an invincible evolutionary advantage. The 77 Human Needs System describes 21 actional needs, for instance curiosity, control, relaxation and playing. Creating excellent usability is a big contribution for the fulfillment of actional needs.
Ideal Needs
As conscious beings, we can reflect what we do, who we want to be and which values we follow. Ideal needs represent the social values which we consciously or unconsciously have chosen as our own. They give us orientation for daily decisions and the big plans for our life. Freedom, responsibility, performance, hedonism and self-congruence are examples from the list of 20 ideal needs of the 77 Human Needs System.


Beside presenations at various conferences we regularly offer in-depth workshops where you can learn more about the 77 Human Needs System and how to use it in an innovation process.

A book publication is planned for 2020. For more information please contact: 77HN@de3p.com

Human Needs Card of the Week

01 (77)
We have to satisfy biological functions for our survival as a human. The 77 Human Needs system distinguishes 9 physiological needs, for example eating, drinking, sexuality and sleeping. The physiological needs become very dominant in case of a deficit – try to stop breathing.




DE3P supports innovation holistically.
We bundle our activities
into three essential clusters:


Understanding is the beginning. What drives customer behavior? How is the experience of our product and the products of our competitors? What do customers need in the future? Where is an unspotted USP for differentiation?

       At DE3P we combine qualitative and quantitative research to find answers to change the game. With the 77 Human Needs system, we use a proven methodology to analyze customer needs, behavior and experience, carry out competitive benchmarks and identify future trends. If you prefer to utilize your own methodology we support you with our of 25 years of experience. We scale cross-country research projects by our broad international facilitator network for you to be able to act in worldwide markets.

Research methods we use:

     In-depth interview, service safari, customer journey mapping, field observation, emotional laddering, focus group, cultural probes, in-home visits, basic human needs matrix, customer UX test, expert UX evaluation, online surveys, quantitative driver models, LISREL models, experience KPI surveys, competitive benchmark evaluation, trend map, future scenario technique – ask for more.


DE3P supports your strategic decisions based on valid insights.

        Our strategic framework is built by four pillars: relevant customer needs, current customer experience, competitors’ activities and future trends. With this knowledge, we derive brand and product positioning, product and service portfolios, target pictures and USP definitions. And because you cannot manage what you cannot measure, DE3P develops KPI to monitor the fulfillment and success of your strategy.


Research is wasted without strategy and strategy is powerless without change.

        Our 77 Human Needs methodology is embedded in a Design Thinking process supported by agile development methods. The chances for success rise if the innovation can grow in a lean start up environment. DE3P provides you with the necessary skills and support to realize quick wins in your projects. We enable your organization to live a customer orientated innovation culture to generate a sustainable change.


The main areas of our expertise are customer research, design, design thinking, project management and marketing. Additional expertise like coding, legal or architecture are embedded by project requirements.

DE3P is an experience and innovation company. We generate benefit by translating 77 Human Needs into products, services, brands, communications, and processes.

The home base of DE3P is Bonn, Germany. de3p was founded by the business psychologist Dr. Guido Beier. If you are interested in more information about DE3P please contact: hello@de3p.com


Dr. Guido Beier
Founder & Managing Director
Miriam Belke
Head of Operations
Steffen Leukel
Lead Brand & Graphic Designer
Emily Trzeciak
Translator & Editorial Office
Sonja Brstilo
Digital Illustrator
Julia Belke
Experience Researcher & Social Media Publisher
Emily Bechler
Experience Researcher
Lena Appel
Digital Learning Expert
Helma Torkamaan
Head of Data Analytics & Machine Learning
Pardis Mahdavi
Experience Researcher & Business Developer
Ole Freytag

Recent Milestones

First major in-depth interview study on alternative mobility concepts for the German Federal Environmental Agency in a joint project with infas as the consortium leader.

June 2019

The77 Human Needs Cards are (finally!) ready for printing. The workshop material is now ready to go.

September 2019

Customer needs workshops held with the Deutsche Bank and the Postbank. Great cooperation with Tallbeard Berlin!

November 2019

More than 20,000 people have taken surveys for the Atlas of Needs Germany. Thank you infas360 for the cooperation!

December 2019

Between 2018-2019, the 77 Human Needs were presented at over 20 conferences in the fields of CX, design, and data analytics. Globally, the 77 Human Needs made their appearances in cities, such as, Athens, Berlin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Munich, Warsaw, etc.

December 2019

The77 Needs Cards are now also available as digital licenses.

March 2020

The official launch of the digital 77 Human Needs Methodology at The BAD (Behavior and Design) Conference 2020 – of course not as originally planned in London but rather virtually instead.

June 2020

DE3P will present the 77 Human Needs based Employee Experience concept and the associated tools at the World Class Work conference 2020 in Frankfurt on September 28th to 29th of 2020.

September 2020


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