Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Meet the 77 in April in Madrid +++
Customer Experience

Customer experience is created in the mind of the customer

Customer experience is created in the mind of the customer by comparing their needs with the offers made available at all contact points. This comparison is mostly made unconsciously and leads to feelings, thoughts and actions.

Customer Experience is more than the surface

With the 77 Human Needs System, we identify the needs that are relevant to the creation of excellent Customer Experience. We find experience drivers and inhibitors and in collaboration with you, use them to develop innovative solutions for products, marketing and brand positioning.

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Experience & Market Research

Understanding is the key to any meaningful decision. Whether you need insights for your design process or classic market research for business decisions - the 77 Human Needs System gives research a new dimension.

In-depth interviews

In-depth interviews are the most important method to reveal the unconscious connections between customer needs and actions. If the interviewees say "I learned a lot about myself" then it was good research.

Ethnographic research

You learn the most about customers in their natural environment. That's why we go to their homes or meet them where a product or service is used. For maximum validity.

Customer Surveys

We use questionnaires specially developed from the 77 Human Needs to survey the extent to which customer needs are expressed and satisfied by products and services.

CX tests and focus groups

New challenges require innovative solutions. We measure the experience quality of products and prototypes in our pop-up CX Center, which we set up in The9th Bonn within half a day.

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For research results to develop their power, they must be effectively introduced into product development and marketing. We help you do this with design thinking formats and agile methods.

Design Thinking Workshops

You want to work on a challenge with your team in a short time? From research to ideation, prototyping to customer testing, we support you in formats from 2 hours to multiple days.

Agile Design Sprints

The implementation of larger projects in product development or marketing reaches a new level of quality with the 77 Human Needs System.

Co-Creation Workshops

Involving customers in the development process leads to innovative solutions and provides a special employee experience.

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Experience KPI Measurement and KPI Management

You can't manage what you can't measure. That's why we develop and collect experience KPIs derived from the 77 Human Needs for our customers. Starting with concepts and prototypes up to the End2End measurement of the entire Customer Journey.

Experience Surveys

You want to know how well your offering satisfies the relevant needs of your customers? If you achieve 80% fulfillment on the 77 Human Needs Experience KPIs, you are top.

Behavioral observation physical and data-based

Analyzing behavioral data enables rapid optimization of the customer experience. Using the 77 Human Needs, we can infer unmet needs from behavior.

Development of KPI dashboards

Experience management needs storytelling. We develop dashboards in which experience and business KPIs speak the same language.

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