Our client is a worldwide leading manufacturer of electrical goods. The question is: how can a traditional vacuum cleaner compete against the growing domestic robots market?


With a Human Needs analysis of house cleaning we identified a set of needs which are essential to enrich the vacuum cleaning experience. In a next step, a mixed team of our client’s specialists and the DE3P ideators generated new product features and services to satisfy the identified customer needs.


Domestic robots do not only let the dirt vanish, they also wind up the cleaning experience. That will surely be fine for a lot of people. But those customers who do like house cleaning will be supported by a new generation of vacuum cleaners. Human Needs like caring, health, feedback, control and status will drive the future cleaning experience.

One example: everybody wants a clean home but no one knows how clean it really is. Measuring and displaying the status of the floor during vacuum cleaning gives customers control and makes them feel proud about the achieved results.

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